MetLife’s Enterprise Integration Architect, Venkatesh (Venky) Ravlrala, discusses what kind of companies should be looking into using API.
I don’t think the use of API should be limited to any organization but having a good strategy, both from a technology, and framework, and the tools prospect, too, it makes more sense to have architects involved because they can actually think forward, and strategize for the entire organization rather than, go off and deliver your own APIs, and then not worry about the security, for example, which can be a major risk.
Also, not create APIs in silos. Each one uses its own framework and technology. Then, when you want to consolidate and give it a business vision, it’s impossible to do when you don’t have a horizontal common strategy that spans across the other nations. It is advisable that you have a strategy first, before you start putting something out, because security risk is there. How do you monetize and measure to your

[sectors 00:01:16], also? For that also, you need to have a process and a methodology in place, to measure your own [sectors 00:01:25] by using the APIs.
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