The value stream canvas is used to understand where value is created in an organization driven from customers through control, suppliers and operations. The first canvas available in the ITABoK is derived visually from traditional manufacturing value streams where it originated. Other value stream canvases (such as the development value stream canvas) may be more useful in digital activities.

Area Description Links To
Customer The customer begins the traditional value stream with an event that initiates the value stream. This could be placing an order Business Model Canvas (derives from customer), Customer Persona Card (related to)
Control The operations and capabilities of the organization which process the event from the customer and begin the delivery of value.  
Supplier Partners, suppliers necessary for the fulfillment of value to begin. Ecosystem Canvas (partners with), Business Model Canvas (delivery from)
Process Processes necessary to create the value for the customer. Derived from capabilities. Business Capability Card (derived from processes)
Time Lead times related to active processing and lead times before next process activates. Not Applicable
Core Idea What is the big idea? What is the Value Stream? Not Applicable
Facts & Figures Key metrics which impact the value stream. Often understood as either internally related to the execution or externally related to value. Objective Key Results (related to), Benefits (related to)
Quotes Key quotes from stakeholders or customers. Customer Journeys (taken from), Customer Personas (taken from), Stakeholder Engagement Map (taken from)