As the IT Architecture profession evolves, we continue to expand and update our globally recognized IT Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) to version 3. The ITABoK, meant as a people framework as opposed to a process, methodology or standard, has been developed through a voluntary consensus process that brings together practicing architects devoted to closing the knowledge gap in the profession.
For those of you not familiar with the ITABoK, it is meant to be the living body of knowledge for the practice of an architect attempting to fulfill their duty to their customer or employer.  The ITABoK is neither prescriptive nor limiting in the choice or use of any other framework, standard or technique except in such cases where their use limits the effectiveness and purpose of the practicing architect. Read more about the ITABoK.
The development of a body of knowledge (BoK) is no small effort. At Iasa, we have been working to perfect a body of knowledge based on member accomplishments and contributions for over 10 years.
It is not too late to join the team. There are volunteer opportunities available for everyone no matter how much time you have. Build a Professional Network, Gain Skills and Experiences and Develop as a Subject Matter Expert by volunteering today!
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