As IT Architects and professionals move from being internal service providers (fix this/build that) to true strategic partners that engage with innovation and user experience, new tools and skills are needed to understand challenges, identify opportunities, and design new business model options.

Iasa has long taught the value of the Business Model Canvas and how and when to use it as an essential tool to help IT Architects strategize and deliver value to both internal and external ‘customers’. We are partnering with Business Models Inc. to deliver an hour long webinar.  Topics will include:

  • The Changing Role of IT in an Organization
  • Why use Business Modeling and Design Techniques?
  • The Mechanics of the Business Model Canvas
  • Connecting the Business Model to Market Context and Vision for the Future
  • Outline of our One Day IT and Business Design Course

Founded by the producer of the international bestseller, Business Model Generation, Business Models Inc. is a globally recognized leader in the application of visual tools to strategy, customer understanding, and business design. Co-creating with their clients, Business Models Inc. trains on the use of tools that will align teams, institute strategic methodologies, and help the IT function understand and innovate their role in the organization.

Speaker Bio: Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly is a Strategy Designer at the Business Models Inc. office in Chicago. He is experienced working on innovation and alignment projects of all shapes and sizes, from nascent non-profit ideas to Fortune 100 major initiatives. Matt loves getting people from all corners of an organization into productive and efficient conversations. His goal is to help people learn from each other and to distill complexity into shared understanding and vision.

Matt specializes in training IT professionals on new tools, skills, and mindsets for business. A frequent presenter and mentor at Universities and co-working spaces around Chicago, Matt has an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Speaker Bio: Carl Zuhl

Carl Zuhl is a Strategy Designer at the Business Models Inc. Chicago office. He works with clients of various sizes at the enterprise, business unit, and functional levels. His focus is on innovative business and strategy design that delivers value across the organization and to its stakeholders. One focus is straddling the gap between business and IT, working to bring both sides together using business design tools and business architecture to help with a common understanding, language, and vision for strategic growth.  He has two decades of experience in the IT industry with the design and implementation of IT infrastructure. Prior to joining Business Models Inc., Carl was a Director at a leading IT consulting firm.

Carl has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and a dual master’s, MS-MBA, degree from Boston University with concentrations in IT strategy, business analysis and strategy, and finance.