The strategic roadmap canvas provides a description of a portfolio or top level strategic view of a set of initiatives, produce/projects or activities. It can be combined.with strategy scorecards and other Strategy tools to define a direction and set of objectives.

The vision is often expressed as a short textual statement, providing a description of what is to be achieved and why.

For example:

  1. “Company X is an established provider of flat sheet steel throughout Europe and is a primary supplier to the automobile industry.”
  2. “The logistics department will provide the company with an exceptional service which can ensure delivery of goods to all customers in the UK within 2 days.”

Area Description Links To
Scope and Vision The Scope and direction or vision of the the roadmap. This section should describe the initiative in motivating words which outline its strategic value. Strategy Scorecard (informs)
Goals, Objectives and Deadlines Objectives (goals are used synonymously) of the initiative taken from Strategy or from OKRs. OKR (populated by) , Strategy Scorecard (informed by)
Transitions The major events, milestones or points of change in the roadmap. Transition Roadmap Canvas (populated by)
Key Dependencies Capabilities, Services or Project/Projects on which this roadmap is dependent. Services Landscape (comes from), Capabilities Canvas (comes from), NABC (initiatives names)
Risks Major risks related to the initiative. Risk Matrix Canvas (related to)