Information Architecture Specialization

Demonstrated understanding of the role of the Information architect, including skills and requirements of the IA role in an organization.

Demonstrated understanding working through entire information management lifecycle stack from information user to information storage Has championed information as strategy. Able to demonstrate bottom line value increase through a primarily information driven strategy. Is able to demonstrate depth knowledge in at least three areas of information leadership such as storage, retrieval, usage, integration, delivery, manipulation.

Information Architecture Capabilities

Data Integration

Demonstrated understanding  of Information Entity Management, Synchronous/Asynchronous, Corporate Integration, Compliance

Integration Tools and Processes, and External Integration.

Information Management

Demonstrated understanding of Analytics, Classification Schemes, Information Structures, Data Quality and Information Management

Information Modeling

Demonstrated understanding of Data Modeling, Practical Techniques and Application, and Data Profiling Techniques

Information Usage

Demonstrated understanding of Usage Design,Usage Analysis, Usage Tools, and Usage Patterns

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Demonstrated understanding of Data models, Course grained systems and Reporting

Information Operations

Demonstrated understanding of Managing information teams, Data management and Processes

Information Governance and Management

Demonstrated understanding of overall architecture governance, Information testing and quality, and Information quality attributes

Information Value

Demonstrated understanding of  Usage valuation,Information management valuation, and Integration valuation