The Risk and Cost Card allows the evaluation of risk or costs as well as the relationship between a risk and possible costs. It can be used to catalog either risks alone, costs alone, or risk/cost combinations. 

Area Description Links To
Risk The risk being considered. May include risk categories from risk management. The probability should be described as a percentage. The incident amount includes a cost/damage that would occur if the risk happens. The reoccurrence would include a possible repeatable time and volume.  N/A
Risk Mitigators These are elements in the architecture, the context or the organization which will or can mitigate the risk.  N/A
Design Impacts These are specific design elements that would be used to mitigate or address the risk.  View/Viewpoint, Decision Record
Cost(s) The cost or cost(s) to be considered. The total amount represents a way of calculating TCO of the include cost(s).  N/A
Cost Alternatives Options to avoid the cost.  Decision Record
Cost Impact Considerations The design implications and or decisions which are impacted by the cost.  View/Viewpoint, Decision Record