Of Horses and Unicorns : Architecture for Digital Transformation by Nigel Green

Presentation Abstract: Of Horses & Unicorns: The Why, What & How of Digital Adoption
At this briefing, Nigel Green will recap & then continue the story he first told to the British Chamber in July 2016. This is the story of how a major European retailer is approaching their digital transformation and the tangible business benefits of their cloud- enabled approach. This will cover both business and technology architecture implications, and will include how a traditional business can benefit from the design patterns, and technologies adopted by the “born digitals” (e.g. Netflix, Google, and Amazon).
Most importantly, Nigel will highlight the implications to businesses in Hong Kong and highlight adoption of born-digital practice on the mainland. Finally, Nigel will introduce a set of easy-to-adopt tools & techniques that can help the Digital Transformation. He’ll explain how he uses these tools every day; He helps both traditional firms and start-ups adopt the ways of the Digital-natives.
Over his career, Nigel Green has focused on change strategies, and business-technology architectures, for large organisations, including: CLP Power Hong Kong, Hutchison Port Holdings, and DHL Worldwide Express, among many others. Most recently, he’s been helping a major European retail business in their transformation from a traditional, to a Digital-era, business.
Nigel is most known for his ability to straddle IT and business worlds, thus preventing loss-in-translation between the two. He is recognised worldwide as a thought-leader and author.
In 2007, Nigel co-authored “Lost In Translation: A handbook for Information Systems in the 21st Century”, in which he and his co-author, Carl Bate, discuss the trend towards distributed data processing and other concepts that under-pin today’s digitally enabled world. Today, Nigel advises companies worldwide on how to prepare for & execute large-scale, technology- enabled, programmes.

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