Presentation Abstract:
Present technology paradigm shift is disrupting banking industry in a big scale now. We all are curious to understanding how this transformation is going to reshape banking industry. In that context, we will try to find answer to the following questions:

  • What are the asks from millennials from future digital bank? We will discuss this with some recent survey results.
  • Where are the banks in fulfilling these asks?
  • What kind of business and technology stack that a bank need to address such asks?

We will take a couple of case studies of Personal Financial Cockpit and Utility Bill payment scenarios – and see how it can be different in digital arena.
Santanu Dutta is a creative, results driven technology leader with over 19 years of experience across BSFI Retail and Aviation ERP domains. He has been designing business solution architecture and delivering Enterprise Level Solutions across geographies. Santanu has demonstrated is expertise in devising strategies aimed at enhancing overall organizational growth, sustained profitability and improved business performance. Over a decade now, his primary focus is on new age analytics and mobility based IT solutions. His clientele includes Deutsche Leasing, Shinsei Bank, Royal Brunei Airlines, Boeing Digital, ITC, Novartis, Sallie Mae, National bank of Abu Dhabi, etc. Academically he is an engineering graduate and MBA from leading institutions of India. Last month he secured first rank in APAC for “Digital Transformation by Financial Services” –  a course conducted by Microsoft in association with Accenture. Presently Santanu is associate with Wipro Limited as a Senior Innovation Manager.

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