by Madhusudhan KM
Most enterprises spend 70% of IT spend on “Run the business” and only 30% in “Grow the business” and “Transform the business” initiatives. This is because of all the legacy in the enterprise and the associated Tech-debt. Whether IT likes it or not, businesses are acquiring IT assets on cloud and using them in their businesses. This could be in sales, marketing, HR, etc. Eventually, they all come to IT for integration, access to data, etc. For 30% of “Grow the business” and “Transform the business”, new architecture styles like Lambda/Kappa, Microservices based, Responsive Web Design, etc. are being introduced.
Apart from dealing with all these dynamics, Architects have to keep learning new paradigms in IoT, Cognitive computing, Automation, Functional languages, etc. and apply them in the context of customer’s business. Each of these would have myriad technologies, tools, frameworks, platforms, etc.
Given this context, how can architects cope up with all these and still engineer “Systems of engagement”, “Systems of insight” & “Systems of automation” by understanding “Systems of record” and then integrating all of these.
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