The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) is an excellent organization and one of the only other organizations outside of Iasa to focus specifically on changing how IT thinks of value. For over 6 years Iasa has been teaching courses and workshops on managing IT as a value center and not a cost center and now I am pleased to say we are partnering with another organization that is making great strides in that direction. The IVI has a truly architectural framework called the IT-CMF which allows IT shops to assess their maturity in value based management and delivery in critical capabilities for the organization. This model of assessment is both powerful and simple (as most powerful frameworks are). Combined with a delivery and internal people framework such as the Iasa Skills Taxonomy it creates a total value based language and management method for the industry. I am extremely happy to say that Iasa and the IVI will be working together to integrate IT-CMF into Iasa education and tools for architects and to create knowledge communities and people networks with the skills to deliver these tools into organizations around the world.

I met with the IVI leadership at their conference this week in Dublin, Ireland and was tremendously impressed with their dedication and capability to grow value for corporations. If your organization is not already a member I suggest you contact the Iasa and ask about joint membership options for your company. There are very few industry level frameworks that will provide such a powerful measurement and community capability as combining the Iasa People Engagement Framework with the IT-CMF.

Although the event was targeted at IT management, I was surprised to hear many if not all of the same messages from the EA conference in Cartagena. Some of the highlights from the conference:

  • Managing to value instead of cost – how do IT teams begin speaking the language of value instead of the language of cost and technology. For example, how do we focus on measurable business objectives over time to market and cost of delivery?
  • Managing capabilities instead of service levels – IT teams must start thinking in terms of organizational capabilities. We are one of the few groups that have an end to end view of our business and yet we continue to communicate in terms of service levels to specific business units.
  • Value added delivery – does your team write business cases regularly and well? Are IT business cases considered equal to any other BCs? By beginning to think of IT in terms of business value and making a case for it, your teams will begin seeing value far beyond the traditional IT role.

Congratulations to the IVI team for putting on such an amazing event. We at Iasa are very much looking forward to working with the group.