The Core Engagement Model (CEM) is a simple and efficient system for a small group of architects in a mid-size or reasonably simple enterprises. Although it has been adopted by many large organizations after taking the Iasa Core Course, it is not recommended for architecture teams in large complex environments unless the number of architects is between 1-20. An engagement model, for use with scaled architecture teams of 50-200+, will be available by version 3.0 of the ITABoK. Remember your organization can submit there own engagement model for consideration and sharing or may work with Iasa to develop one as a part of Iasa Engagements.

LifecycleThe Core Engagement Model has 4 primary phases, these are detailed in the engagement model ‘lifecycles’. The lifecycle is very project centric due to the limits in it’s applicability in large organizations. However, it should be noted that it is in use by many architect teams.

It includes a few very simple role definitions and very little in the way of specialization activities due to it’s simplicity. In addtion, the roles are broader and focus primarily on the five pillars. The CEM includes 6 artifacts with the highest complexity in the business case and architecture description. These artifacts are described in the architecture artifacts section which also includes templates for download.