AUSTIN, TEXAS, November 2013 – “Formula 1 in Schools” ( is open to all secondary schools, to design and manufacture racing cars powered by compressed air canisters. Student teams compete against each other in a National Championship to determine the best-engineered and fastest car in Ireland. Competitors have an exciting educational experience, expressing their creativity, skills and team working ability in a fun and positive way.

The 2013 World Finals of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge are being held next week November 10-11 in Austin, Texas, Headquarters of Iasa, the Global IT Architect Association. The Irish Computer Society who is Iasa’s partner in Ireland runs F1 in Schools.
“F1 in Schools” is a Technology Challenge that inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, computing, manufacturing, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

Iasa Member and Dell Enterprise Architect, Emily Martinez Freitag, will join the panel of verbal presentation judges, chaired by ICS Deputy CEO Tom O’Sullivan.

“All of us in the IT profession recognise the need to give second-level students hands-on experiences of technology, so they may make informed college and career choices.” said Tom O’Sullivan. “I am delighted to have Emily’s support in Austin, the home town of Iasa and Dell.”

Judging in the 2013 World Finals will commence on Sunday 9th November, when 38 teams will display their portfolios and stands, deliver their verbal presentations and race their cars.

“This program empowers the next generation and paves the track towards taking technology education to the next level. It aligns perfectly with Iasa’s mission of making Technology Architecture the most stable and well recognized profession in the world.” Said Damaris Bode, Global Community Director at Iasa.

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