by Brian Dreyer
“Agile” is frequently used as an umbrella term for new methodology. In this presentation, you will gain an understanding as to what the term Agile really means in product development, including its advantages and where it’s used.
Brian will focus his interactive presentation on the mechanics of empirical process control and how it enables a higher degree of management, better long-term planning capabilities, improved team efficiency, and improved alignment between results and the business goals of the product. There will be examples and interactive discussion that underscores several principles of Scrum – the most popular Agile framework.
Brian will also compare Agile with traditional project management techniques and talk about how to implement Agile Project Management in the workplace.
Brian Dreyer is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and an Enterprise Agile Coach at Teradata in San Diego. Prior to joining Teradata in Jan. 2015 he was a Director, ScrumMaster and Coach with Platinum Edge INC., and a frequent speaker on agile and scrum. He’s worked with clients transitioning to agile and has been hands-on helping organizations capitalize on agile approaches to project management.
Previously as Vice President of Business Development at Climax Group, UK and as the founder of Watchdog Entertainment, Brian has worked with companies such as Mattel, Microsoft, EA, Activision,
Nintendo, Sony, Disney and is a credited Executive Producer on 17 video game titles.
Prior to Climax Group, Mr. Dreyer was Vice President of Sales and Marketing with a Beverly Hills based production company, The Machine, where he was responsible for company’s entertainment marketing strategies, as well as media technology partnerships.
Prior to joining The Machine, Mr. Dreyer founded a management-consulting firm, focused on project management, strategic marketing, business development and information technology governance, drawing upon his 15 plus years of experience.
Brian has also held a variety of executive positions with companies such as Amp Incorporated (now Tyco), Avnet, TechSpace, Syncata and technology analyst firm Gartner. He’s alumni of Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia.