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by Todd Kamens
Success AFTER Scrum Training: 6 Best Practices
Learn from Industry leaders how to make your training Stick
Do you ask yourself:
“How is this going to work? We don’t have anyone with experience with Scrum in my company.”
“Our company philosophy \ culture is at odds with the core Agile values”
“As a Scrum Master, how will I facilitate the Scrum Meetings?”
“How can I get Management Support to do this?”
“This framework would be great but I am not sure my team is willing to follow Scrum.”
“How in the world are we going to write User Stories?”
“My Business team is going to love this, but how will we be able to have a single Product Owner with time available to support the team?”
If any of these symptoms describe how you’re feeling, join Guidance Technology’s Best Practices Webinar where you’ll discover…
… The basic stages of learning that will help you understand your team better…
… 6 Best Practices from a leading Education provider that will help to ensure your training Sticks after the class ends…
… And much more…
Learn how to make your training Stick and deliver performance improvements that are measurable.