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by Claudio Peronne
Agile is about rapid evolution, not mindless conformance to popular methodology “ceremonies”. If you had perfect architectures, perfect processes, perfect organizations, perfect customers… you would not need Agile at all. At its core, Agile recognizes the complexity of our world and wisely suggests to embrace change using an “inspect & adapt” approach to development. To what extremes can you bring this idea further?
Improvement without change is impossible. Yet, most people think about change as big, slow and scary. But what if you could make it infinitely small and learn to evolve fast, almost as fast as some of the most adaptive microorganisms on earth?
Enter PopcornFlow – a mindset, new principles and actionable techniques to help you introduce fast change and make better decisions through the deliberate design and execution of a continuous stream of small, traceable and safe-to-fail experiments.
Don’t get too comfortable with your own cozy routines and mental cages. For a new revolution is now on your doorstep.
Claudio Perrone brings models, experience and options to help ambitious companies build fast, learn faster, and thrive in today’s global marketplace. Claudio is an internationally-recognized Lean & Agile management consultant, entrepreneur and startup strategist, based in Dublin, Ireland.
In his career, he has been playing key roles in Lean & Agile transformations for global organizations and fast-growing technology startups. He is a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society, author of A3 Thinker (a family of tools based on Toyota’s Lean management approach), and the inventor of PopcornFlow, a next-generation model to introduce personal, team and organizational change through ultra-rapid experimentation.
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