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“Thank You very much for a great training on Core Concepts around Architecture. Really can’t express it in words how much I enjoyed and how valuable your instructions have been. Really missed taking this earlier but at the same time truly pleased that I did now.”  – Suresh Tamminiedi 

The Architecture Core training course, although involving more work than I was expecting, was well worth it and I am glad that I attended it. I am applying a number of things I learned through the course to my day to day work, and looking forward to feeding more into our Architecture practices at my company.
Todd Greve, Senior Architect at OpenText
The content is fantastic. The biggest benefit of attending the course is the amount of extra information that is shared. The course goes beyond equipping the participants with skills and knowledge, it arms us with a huge body of knowledge and experience. One can appreciate the tremendous efforts of the Iasa team to create the content.
Anonymous, Iasa Student Survey
The BTS course is the best option to understand the business and I.T. The BTS V2.0 is even better than V.1.0. Brian Loomis, who has a big business and I.T. background, was my instructor and is a great teacher. Even in the online environment, Brian kept the class engaged and entertained which made the concepts very easy to assimilate.
Anonymous, Iasa Student Survey
I found the content very useful and really appreciated all the additional material that was provided.
Anonymous, Iasa Student Survey
The interactive workshops are very good. I felt those were used very well to support the learning. Also, instructors own experience and real-life case study comparisons were excellent and added a lot to the course value.
Anonymous, Iasa Student Survey


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