Enterprise Transformation in Business View : Integrating Business and Technology Strategies & Drive Cutting Edge by Vinu Jade

Vinu Jade
Enterprise Architect – jDruids

In 25+ years of work experience, Mr. Vinu Jade, a practicing Enterprise Architect at jDruids presently, has held leadership roles including Technology Advisor, and Chief Architect & Technology Officer at Major Automotives in United States as well as India. He presently heads the IASA India Operations as its Chapter Lead and Ambassador. He is involved in Strategic directions to Banks and regulatory boards in APAC.
In recent past, he was Chief Enterprise Architect at Asia’s Largest Banks in China, and Malaysia. He has worked as Head of Corporate Technology Group, leading Enterprise Architecture, in Asia’s Largest IT Systems Integrator. He has worked an Advisor to CIO at South Africa’s Large transport Enterprise. He has experience in working in Telecommunication, Hospitality & Hi tech industries in a strategic role for driving IT organization.
He is an expert in providing corporate level practical Enterprise Architecture Orientation to large number of senior architects at major System Integrators, Banks and Automotive organizations in India, United States and APAC, adopting IASA Methodology and leading EA frameworks. He has been a part of Academic Advisory council for Computer & Software Architecture in universities in United States and India.