Cyber Laws – Secure Digital Transfromations by Kiran Bettadapur

Kiran Bettadapur is a practising advocate specializing in corporate law, M&A, company valuation, international trade law and property rights, both immovable and intellectual. He is also an engineer, investor and entrepreneur with interests in Internet applications, handheld computing, medical systems and security solutions. His expertise extends to secretarial matters in money, capital and commodity markets.
As an entrepreneur, he had previously co-founded and bootstrapped many ventures. During his executive career, Kiran had headed operations for the Birlas based out of California and had served as Head (BFSI) for HCL-Hewlett Packard in Mumbai.
An alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur and IISc-Bangalore, Kiran is passionate about market-driven innovation and disruptive entrepreneurship. He invests in, advises and mentors technology start-ups too.
Kiran enjoys teaching and is associated with many educational institutions. He is equally earnest about legal activism and constitutional reforms for realising the goals of “socio-politico-economic equality” and a “classless order”. A firm believer of techno-centric education and a steadfast environmentalist, he is actively involved in pro bono publico initiatives of numerous NGOs to give back to the community.
“Gita and the Art of Selling” is Kiran’s first book.