Presentation Abstract : Billions of dollars of IT investments are disconnected from business strategy and related business priorities, often focused on technical architecture transformation to the exclusion of business transformation perspectives and end customer value. This situation has escalated over the years in spite of the adoption of agile, BPM, and a host of IT architecture methods and techniques. As the chasm grows between IT investments and realization of business value, organizations will see competitive advantage and market position decline, just as costs and risks rise. This webinar will discuss the risks and ramifications of this trend in terms of technical debt and technical bankruptcy. The session will also deliver a framework to guide business-driven, business/IT architecture transformation, outlining the role of business architecture as a foundation for driving business / IT transformation and maximizing IT benefits from a business perspective.
William Ulrich is President of TSG, Inc., Partner in Business Architecture Associates, and President of the Business Architecture Guild. He is a thought leader in the field of business architecture and business transformation. Mr. Ulrich is coauthor of “Business Architecture: The Art and Practice of Business Transformation” (MK Press) and “Information Systems Transformation” (Morgan Kaufmann Elsevier). He is an active contributor to the international standards community and Cutter Consortium Fellow. As a management consultant for more than 35 years, Mr. Ulrich continues to serve in the role of senior advisor, mentor and workshop leader to corporations and government agencies across a wide number of industries, focused on helping businesses address major transformational challenges.

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