One of the things IASA does is bring software architects together. At the last IASA world summit in N.Y.C., I happened to hang out with an architect from Ireland. IASA Member and leader of the IASA Irish group at that time. An impressive architect with both vision and drive. Gar Mac Criosta is one of those people you meet and think, he is going places.
The other side of what IASA is educating architects. Gar decided to extend that beyond just existing software architects with his new solution. basically when you log onto the site you will find ready for consumption and use in a classroom the history of Ireland.
It is a great mix of technology and of education. Using Minecraft as a model and base to build an interactive education system based on the history of Ireland. Currently available for Irish schools but I suspect eventually to schools around the world. There are more people of Irish descent in the US, than currently live in Ireland. So why do I care?
First, this is really impressive an interactive educational platform. I talked about something like this in a book I published back in 2011. I called the book The Syncverse and the section on education the Eduverse. Many pieces of that dream exist now between Ted Talks, Khan Academy and others. I have to say Mind Rising is another lead forward in that direction.
Second as a profession we need to applaud the success and brilliance of other professionals operating in our professional space. So, personally I am really impressed with Mind Rising. I find the idea, the execution and the overall solution to be amazing. Congrats to Gar Mac Criosta and his team for offering such a wonderful concept and reminder that software architecture and software architects can change the world.
It is nice to see a project like this that brings together so much. The history of Ireland and interactive fun technology. This is why I joined IASA. This is why I work as a member of IASA trying to build this profession of ours. It is just nice to see when others succeed!