Capability Guidebook Project/ITABoK

The goal is to create an IT architecture capability guidebook based on Iasa’s 5 pillars of architecture that conveys best practices and learning objectives at each level of architectural growth. The target audience are aspiring IT architects and already practicing IT architects with a number of years in the profession who wish to gain a better understanding of what soft skill capabilities are needed in IT architecture. This guidebook will also assist hiring managers, business managers and human resource representatives.

Capabilities by pillar:


The book will be written by 20-30 practicing IT architects globally. The book will have an Iasa “Project Manager” that is responsible for setting the pace for the authors deliverables. 

The expectation is to have a working draft to share with others in the group for feedback within 4 weeks and a final draft ready for review to the BOE chair within 6.  This is flexible depending on interruptions in life and work but is a goal.

One capability typically takes 4-8 hours to write.

After the capability is written an under review, the next step is to create a 25-40 slide deck expanding upon the capability. This will be turned into an online self- paced module by Iasa for all full members.

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This project is utilizing Google Drive and Basecamp to collaborate between authors and the Iasa project manager. If needed, a group call can be scheduled to answer any questions you might have.

The Google Drive site has a “Getting Started” folder which has a step by step guide on what and where to access all the information you will need to get started.

  • Iasa Strawman
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Template
Available Capabilities

Additional Information

The book will be marketed to an audience of about 80,000 developers, architects, and other IT professionals as well as multiple Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.
There are many reasons why you want to participate as an author. Above all, it is about a willingness to share, to self develop and test their own ideas. Importantly, however, the purpose of the book is not about to advertise their products or services in the main text. It will be possible to sponsor the book in other ways, but not as part of the main text.
It will be possible to sponsor the book in different ways. Contact to inquire.
Production will be Iasa’s responsibility. Iasa is a non profit organization and as a book of this kind is difficult to generate any surplus no compensation can be promised. Each contributor will receive a copy of the final product and their authoring information included in the book.
The first kick-off meeting was in summer 2013 and launched with 7 contributors. The book is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.