Business Process Management (BPM)

The people, processes, and systems or tools are at the core of any business. While a business’s foundation may be its infrastructure, a business’s processes are the blood that makes its heart beat. Understanding of a company’s processes helps ensure understanding of the company’s culture and history. Processes are guides that help define how a company does business and how it communicates. Processes can also define the amount of risk a company may be willing to accept. When an architect is brought in, the organization typically has goals in mind, some of which are measurable and clear while others may require further definition. Requirements are not standardized and can represent anything from an idea based on an assumption to a request based on detailed analysis. In order to flesh out requirements and how to best meet the needs of a company or client, understanding of related business processes is essential for a clear solution and design effort.
Time: 60 minutes

Target Audience

  • IT Architects in every industry
  • IT Developers
  • Analysts
  • Anyone looking to learn more about Business Process Management

Course Objectives

The course will cover exploring business process management (BPM), implementing common BPM elements, mapping and enhancing business process, and creating and implementing common tools.


  • Understanding business processes
  • Sale Functions
  • Business Strategy
  • Execution of Business Process
  • FMEA


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