William Ulrich, TSG, Inc., USA
Whynde Kuehn, S2E Consulting Inc., USA

An Introduction to Business Architecture
Business architecture is drawing significant interest from a wide variety of organizations worldwide. Yet business architecture is often misperceived as to its uses, origins, and value proposition. These misperceptions are the biggest barrier to adoption, because it prevents businesses in many cases from getting a business architecture effort off the ground, and undercuts sponsorship and business engagement.
Business architecture is not a buzzword or a quick fix solution for a broken process, a computer system, or a single project or business unit. It is a holistic discipline that is most effective when applied across business units, practices, disciplines, and stakeholders.
The discussion that follows lays out a number of fundamental business architecture concepts. This includes an overview, beneficiaries, common myths, core and extended perspectives, interdisciplinary alignment, governance, getting started, and a vision for the future.