Business Architecture Metamodel Update by Jeffery Wallk

Presentation Abstract: As more organizations adopt reference models supporting business strategy, planning, and execution, they are looking for ways to simplify complexity, align these industry and technical models, and accelerate the shift from reactive to proactive positions. The Guild Meta Model Team has been working on developing a scaleable model to accomplish these goals and to help establish a standard that can be leveraged across all meta models (over time). This webinar will provide a checkpoint on progress to date and share the roadmap for the team and towards the achievement of a standard Business Architecture meta model.
Jeffrey Wallk is an management consultant with over 25 years of experience with Fortune 100 organizations. He has held a variety of roles in technology, product development, architecture, innovation, and consulting to help organizations transition, grow and transform their products and services to deliver sustainable value for their customers.  Jeffrey has worked with business leaders & product managers to help them understand what customers want (and don’t want), drive customer centricity in their products & services, and develop a sustainable capability to drive inorganic & organic growth.

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