Building Digital Solutions for the Industry by Rajesh Narayan

Presentation Abstract – We will explore various business segments in Insurance and understand how the nature of business influences the solution architecture. We will then do a deep dive into how systems of engagement in Insurance are able to create immediate business value and allow for a high adoption rate. Finally we will end with how AI is influencing the industry and show the ways in which a customer journey in commercial lines insurance can be positively impacted by the use of cognitive technologies.
Rajesh Narayan is a Insurance SME and Tech Innovator. Helped power online Insurance enterprise systems starting in 2001 (thru 2010). Leveraged my learnings in Insurance and work in the CPCU Society and CIOP Institute, to help build out an insurance industry strategy framework for business growth in 2010. This helped me pivot to developing low code systems of engagement to leverage advances in digital technology and continue to foster digital strategies which deliver significant business outcomes and value. Currently exploring use of AI and behavioral analytics in distribution and underwriting in my role as Insurance digital transformation leader at Genpact.
Rajesh Narayan CPCU LSSBB
AVP, Underwriting SME | Insurance

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