Biometrics Role in Digital Security by Sam Youness

Biometrics Role in Digital Security: Biometrics have quickly become the go-to methods for securing digital assets. Smart phone providers, computer operating systems, and other digital assets, increasingly support finger printing and facial recognition. New technologies are also being invented everyday to encounter hackers and prevent them from stealing valuable intellectual property or controlling your devices. As an example, some of the new biometric technologies depend on the user behavior, such as the speed at which they type or how they move their mouse, to identify them as they use their devices. In this session, we will go over biometrics role in digital security and the latest advances in this area and how they are used to secure digital assets.
Sam Youness, WW Industry Technology Strategist for Process Manufacturing & Resources: Sam is a seasoned professional with more than 21 years of deep experience in business and IT, including architecture vision creation and building industry-wide strategies to achieve that vision. Sam has successfully delivered a large number of architectures, solutions and projects to better enable customer business.  Sam is fluent in both languages of business and IT. He is a result driven technical leader with a passion for excellence. He is a relationship builder with outstanding communication skills. Technically minded but always commercially aware.
Sam is an established author and contributor of several books and other publications covering different topics in areas of data management, programming languages, solution building, and security.
He is a keynote speaker in high level industry conferences and end user events. Sam represented Microsoft on the board of a renowned industry organization, MESA International for more than 3 years.
Mr. Youness lives with his wife and two daughters in Troy, Michigan.