Keynote Abstract: As CTO of TomTom I believe architecture delivers great bang per buck (business return on invested effort). My challenge and your challenge is to get the politically powerful people in your organization to believe that too.
This is not easy to achieve. It requires competencies that are not easy to develop. My advice to you is to recognize this and to acquire those competencies in a spirit of lifelong learning.
Dr. Charles Davies: After gaining a first in physics and a PhD in computational plasma physics at Imperial College London, Charles joined his PhD supervisor in UK start-up Psion in 1981. At Psion, Charles was a pioneer in mobile devices and a member of the management team that took Psion public in 1988 and which spun out its device operating system to create the Symbian joint venture in 1998. After 22 years at Psion, Charles joined Symbian in 2003 as CTO and remained in that role until Nokia acquired Symbian in 2008. After having a role as technology advisor in devices technology and architecture, Charles left Nokia in 2010 to become TomTom’s CTO. In his earlier career, Charles worked for many years as a coding architect, has retained a lifelong interest in software architectures, and has promoted architecture as a value-adding endeavour in his 7 years at TomTom.  Charles lives in London and commutes mid-week to TomTom’s head office in Amsterdam.

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