by Scott Andersen
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I have wondered for a long time about the “Internet of things” I’ve posted several somewhat negative posts on the total available bandwidth being a concern.
What I have realized however is that the Internet of things is a great architect problem.
Architects should tackle problems.
The fun about problems is that you get to find, fix and solve issues that people experience. The bad thing is that no matter what you are always a day late and a dollar short.
Software Architects should think about tomorrow. But the tomorrow we should be considering isn’t wrapped up in the patterns of exception we have built for today. We will always build software patterns. The reality of looking ahead is seeing what possible not what is there.
Easy for me to day right. I don’t have time to think about the impact of tomorrow. I have to worry about the impact of the broken system that is running through the helpdesk. Or I am in the midst of designing the solution to deploy or… I know, tomorrow isn’t an easy thing to add to the day. It’s the last thing we want to consider when we are fixing the problems of today.
But software architects should be thinking about the reality of tomorrows solutions. In 1990’s innovation came from government and enterprise IT solutions. Today innovation is coming from the consumer world. Where once Enterprise IT and Government IT spent the most money now the consumer world spends 2 and even 3 times the amount of cash.
So for software architects to be aware we have to be asking hard questions. We have to be taking a hard look at the use cases we hang our hats on and the patterns of solution we are building. I asked this question on an IASA forum this morning ( . I’ve posted this question a number of times in a number of different ways. It is simply extrapolating from what I know about today and asking the question is there a choke point.
The other thing you can do is get ahead of innovation. Create a Kickstarter and an Indiegogo account and watch for the various innovations that pop up on those sites. What does tomorrow bring?
Scott Andersen
IASA Fellow.