The architects roadmap is used to prioritize, assign and connect multiple initiatives within a value stream. It is essential to align deliveries and opportunities within the architect practice and across large teams.

Area Description Links To
Business Case/Project The number of rows in the roadmap can be divided at any level of Scope but most commonly the roadmap is used at the business case/project level. Strategy Scorecard (provides initiatives)
Value This is the expected return from the business case. Lean Business Case (expected return)
Complexity This is a measure of the architectural complexity of the project thus it’s need for architecture effort.  
Compliance This column represents the level of compliance issues expected in the project. It describes regulatory or other highly sensitive aspects which will impact the project.  
Governance This column represents the level of oversight and governance expected in the project. For example projects which deeply impact the financial status of the company or have high compliance factors.  
Time Columns Time increments should scale upward meaning closest time should be in short increments and farthest right in longer increments.  
Component/Release Lines The lines/bars and milestones indicate the expected length of the project with its associated milestones and crossover lines represent dependencies between projects. Lean Business Case (expected timeline)