By Wee-Hyong Tok
How do businesses and data scientists work together to distil raw data into intelligent action? Why do some companies drown in volumes of data, while some companies thrive on turning the data into golden strategic advantages?
This talk is based on practical experiences from working on various exciting data science projects

  • From understanding the galaxies and performing galaxy classifications
  • To decoding signals from the brain for neuroscience,
  • To empowering aero engine manufacturers to improve aircraft efficiency, drive up aircraft-availability, and reducing engine maintenance cost
  • To using data to gain insights into how to build and drive a jet car faster than any known vehicle)

This talk unlocks the essentials skills that data scientists have used successfully in these projects to turn raw data into big ideas. You will learn the essential skills to jumpstart a data science project, explore the data, perform feature engineering, building and testing the model, to operationalizing these models in production environments.
This talk is targeted at data scientists, students, researchers and IT professionals who has a keen interest in learning what is the secret behind running successful data science projects.